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A T-shirt with "NINJIN" written on it! - Pink cap! - And denim shorts! - A pretty girl who appeared in youthful fashion came to shoot amateur TV! - Hikaru-chan (18) is a young and flirty girl who has just graduated from high school! - "Don't get nervous because you won't be interviewed ~ ♪" - Do you understand? - ?? - Talking to her makes me feel relaxed! - There is a charm that mysteriously heals this! - But when she looks like this, she's actually a messy downtown girl! - She was born and raised in Asakusa, and her parents' home is a popular Taiyaki restaurant! - It seems that he is helping at that store now! - The reason why she appeared this time is that she has little experience with sex! - She loves sex herself, and she's been at most three times a day. - In addition, she once said that when she used an electric massage machine for him who was dating at that time, she leaked it unintentionally because of its comfort. - Besides, she loves sex but has little experience! - It is a perfect material for Gonzo! - Let's use inexperienced vibrators and toys, entertain with sex thoroughly, and let's capture Hikaru's full of excitement in the video! - !!