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Manami-chan (21 years old) with a calm atmosphere applied for us today. - It seems that he usually works as a nurse ♪ I went to a vocational school until last year, and now I am a newcomer in the first year of a nurse ♪ When I am having fun working, I get along with a patient It's time to talk ♪ Also, it seems that Manami, who looks cute, was sometimes persuaded by the patient during work, but she refused because she was on work. - It's serious! - Manami-san, if possible, she wants to marry a doctor in the future. - However, she has a lot to remember since she started working, and she doesn't seem to meet much, so she doesn't have a boyfriend now. - Her hobby is going to beauty salons and massage shops. - She seems to be seeking healing from her usual hard work lol. - It seems that she sometimes watches AV when she gets horny, and she masturbates while watching the video ♪ It seems that it is the first time to have sex with a stranger, Manami who talks that she is nervous ♪ Roll up the bra F cup boobs with pink nipples appear on pure white skin! - Because it is young, it is a wonderful boobs with exquisite elasticity and softness! - The sensitivity is also wonderful, and every time I'm struck by a big cock, I do yoga with a naughty cry ♪ The last was a lascivious girl who firmly catches sperm with her mouth and even does a cleaning blow job ☆