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A young girl who looks good with a black-haired ponytail has arrived at Amateur TV. - Shiori-chan, a female college student! - I am a new adult who has just turned 20 this year! - Even so, did you devote yourself to sports when you were in high school? - The overall slim impression and good style! - Especially, the tight legs that extend from the miniskirt! - There is no doubt that if you are a man in the world, your eyes will go unnoticed. By the way, she wants to be a school teacher in the future, and she is studying hard to get her teacher's license. - The reason for her appearance this time is also "because this one seems to get more money than a part-time job". - In addition, the money she received is also a fairly solid type to save for the time being. - Up to now, the number of experienced people is eight, and there is no experience of unusual play such as aokan. - At first glance, Shiori-chan doesn't seem to appear in AV, but when it comes to sex, it's actually this type of person who becomes lewd, so please enjoy this continuation in the main story!