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"Asami", 27, who works as a receptionist at a beauty salon. - She is a slender and slender woman who looks good on short bob hairstyles. - She hasn't met in a work-oriented life and hasn't had a boyfriend for about two years. - She said she was interested in AV because she was interested in AV, and she wanted to appear on this occasion without a boyfriend. - Today is sex for the first time in a long time. - Moreover, Gonzo with the camera pointed. - It looks a little nervous. - While stroking her breasts, she takes off her clothes and reveals the beautiful breasts of the D cup. - Stimulating her small nipples with her tongue leaks her embarrassing, unobtrusive pant voice. - Take off her pants and blame the clitoris with fingering and cunnilingus. - Her excitement eliminates her embarrassment and makes her pant voice uncontrollable. - She panting while fainting in the stimulation of Ji Po who tastes her for the first time in a long time! - I captured the situation perfectly in the camera ♪