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The amateur girl who came today is a pure and cute older sister! - Small height! - The face is flat! - But the style is pretty good! - It looks like Hatachi is so good! - … But she's actually 25 years old! - We have a genuine adult sister! - Moreover, her profession is Mr. Itamae, a Japanese restaurant! - She seems to be waving her arms in the kitchen, such as sashimi and simmered dishes! - It's cool! - Furthermore, if she says "It's not such a big deal ♪", she just wants to eat at the restaurant where she is. W Ask this young Itamae-san about her future dreams. Saw. - It says, "I want to have her own shop." - She came to AV shoot this time to earn money to open her own shop! - By the way, if anything, I like sex and the frequency is a couple of times a month. - I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not married, but I heard that I have friends who are close to each other and have a perfect match with my body. - Don't you want to see it? - ?? - You who wanted to eat food at her shop! - First of all, let's taste her outstanding style body with the first shooting AV!