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University student "Rei" is 22 years old. - She has a part-time job at a convenience store. - She likes naughty things and she wants to experience a lot of things and she applied. - Her first experience is 16 years old. - Although the number of her experienced people is small at 3, she seems to have experienced various plays with one man for a long time. - She has soft SM and has experienced outdoor play in the park. - She was pretty excited to have sex while hiding in the playset in the park, and she likes to be blamed for w type with M, but she also likes to serve and make her feel good. - It's a naughty girl ♪ Her personality is very bright and she answers naughty questions without being shy ♪ Youthful white and fluffy arms that you can see from a sleeveless dress. - The thighs are also nice ♪ Rei-chan who says that all the body is an erogenous zone ♪ It reacts sensitively no matter where you touch w Please see the first Gonzo sex of college student Rei-chan ♪