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The name is Emily, but a pure Japanese "Emily who is not a foreigner even a millimeter" came. - She's not a foreigner, but she has a beautiful body line that is comparable to that. - From the waist to the hips, the line is noteworthy. - She said that the reason she tried to appear in AV was that she had a premonition that "the etch seen by people might be excited". - The premonition seemed to hit the mark, and she seemed to be excited to be blamed, not just to be seen. - Suddenly, when she was spanked for the first time, she shyly happily leaked, "I'm excited ...". - It's hard to know how to serve because I have a strong spirit. - Blow politely touches Chi Po and makes her feel evenly comfortable by holding her deep inside and blaming her tip. - She feels completely naughty for various first experiences. - Although she is basically a man, she shakes her hips so much that it seems to be a lie that she has three experienced people and she can not have sex with her boyfriend. - Please take a look at the sex with "Emily, a foreigner whose style and heart are perfect, although she is not a foreigner by a millimeter in terms of genes".