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Miki who is a little nervous. - After job hunting, all you have to do is wait for graduation. - Currently, he is working hard at a bookstore while working part-time. - Miki has a calm personality and is calm. - When you start shooting from a kiss, he will answer with a fascinating face. - When I take off my clothes and pick up my nipples, it makes my body bounce and the sensitivity seems to be quite good. - Miki-san seems to have become louder than before if she crawls on all fours and stimulates chestnuts while enjoying her crisp buttocks. - When I asked for a blowjob, he was so aggressive that I couldn't imagine it from his quiet personality, and he served me very hard! - In the second half, Miki-san straddles the actor himself and shakes her hips violently, and actively hits the comfortable part with "gorigori ..." while taking bold actions. - He also took care of the cleaning blow job ♪