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A neat and clean girl with long black hair is now available on Amateur TV! - Be shy when you point the camera! - It's a pretty girl! - Her name is "Kisa-chan"! - She is 19 years old! - She is a girl who usually works at a girls bar! - She is an indoor girlfriend who spends her days playing games without leaving the house. - She hasn't had a boyfriend for about a year, and she says she's missed her recently. - The number of people she has been dating is 5 and the number of experienced people is 7. - In addition to her experience, she actually longed for an AV actress and said, "I want to appear too! - It seems that he applied for it! - If you take off her clothes and check the style before shooting her, the body that seems to be comfortable to hold is also wonderful! - It seems easy to rub, lick, and attack the big and plump E-cup breasts and the taut peach butt! - She's still nervous, but if you look closely, her nipples are sharp and ready to have sex! - The first Gonzo shoot that a young 19-year-old girl challenges! - You can not miss this!