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Haru-san, currently a 4th year college student. - I have already finished job hunting and am enjoying the rest of my college life! - Recently, he hasn't heard from his boyfriend because he hasn't heard from him. - It seems that he applied for the assignment to his boyfriend today as well ww I started shooting immediately with Haru-san and the actor who are a little nervous. - When you take off your clothes, you will see a small chest and a crisp buttocks. - And a slippery pie. - I'm embarrassed to look down, but when I touch my hand, it gets wet. - Haru-san who touches the moving chi ○ po happily ww When I sucked it, she gave me a polite blow job as if I closed my eyes and tasted it ♪ In return, insert it and shake your hips slowly If you do, you will hear a pleasant pant voice. - When I change my posture to the woman on top posture, I also shake my hips slowly and taste Chi Po. - At the end, while pushing up slowly, aiming at the place where the chestnut was stimulated with an electric massage machine, shake the waist with the last spurt and finish ...! - Haru-san was very happy to have a pleasant memory for her boyfriend.