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The woman who applied this time is "Tsubasa", 25 years old. - She seems nervous about her first shoot. - Her profession is a kimono dresser. - After graduating from a two-year vocational school (kimono department), she got a job at a rental kimono store used for weddings and seijin-shiki ♪ The reason for applying is ... Her father is quite open and proudly in the living room He was a person who watched AV. - She took it for granted since she was a kid, and she said that one day she loved watching AV too. - She also sees her having sex comfortably, she wants to experience herself, she applies ♪ It seems that there are many positions that she wants to try when she appears in AV, she Above all, he wants to experience ekiben. - The number of experienced people is 30 ♪ Mr. Tsubasa who loves naughty things ♪ Please show your lascivious appearance ♪