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"Nanoha" (22 years old) is a woman who looks intelligent and neat like an announcer. - Her profession is a part-time job at a yakiniku restaurant ♪ A woman who seems to be serious and has a solid impression ♪ It seems that she has a longing AV actress, so she applied for amateur TV because she wants to be like that actress ♪ Boyfriend I haven't had sex for a while. - She has never experienced masturbation. - I'm suspicious that she's a little grinning, but I didn't ask her any particular questions. - She calls herself C-cup boobs ♪ Her massage feels like an E-cup. - She has pretty beautiful breasts and a small nipple. - Good breasts that look and feel perfect for her ♪ I can't control my excitement with her beautiful body ♪ I'm one step closer to her longing AV actress ♪