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"Saki" who smiles at the camera from the beginning! - I didn't seem to be so nervous, and the interviews were answered smoothly! - I'm a good boy! - The reason for the appearance is "I want money to cover the tuition fees". - I want to support you somehow. - He looks innocent and has an H relationship with a boy who is not his boyfriend ... - It's a modern child! - It's okay to look like a female college student! - When you take off your clothes, E-cup boobs will appear! - A slightly plump body that is comfortable to hold will arouse your sexual desire! - If you insert a punch line and repeat the piston violently, you will panting in a loud voice. - When I changed my position on the way, he said "It feels good ♪" and smiled more than at the opening! - I can tell that I like H! - And again, I'm stabbed with bread and panting comfortably ... The gap between the mature appearance and the erotic throat at the time of H is wonderful!