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"Rino" is 21 years old. - She is a woman with a calm tone and a solid impression. - Her profession is medical office work. - She works as a receptionist at a dermatologist in a hospital. - She hasn't had a boyfriend for two years and she had sex with him last time ... he hasn't had sex for the last two years. - Her experience is about 3 people, and there is no sexual disorder such as saffle or one night! - She's a serious girl ♪ She's such a serious girl, but she loves dogs too much and is a beast ● I haven't had an unusual side of having a desire yet, but someday I'm thinking about it ♪ This is an etch Her beautiful breasts in the self-proclaimed C cup are obviously larger than that ♪ The nipples are sticking out because she wears a small bra ♪ She has a slender figure similar to a model, and the line from the chest to the buttocks is beautiful .. - If you massage her beautiful breasts, which is the best for her massage, her facial expression will change completely ♪ How will she be disturbed by her serious impression?