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An idol face with perfect eyes! - The body is slender and slender! - Speaking is sweet and sweet! - This is exactly the director's favorite! - Such a beautiful girl will appear on Amateur TV! - Your name is Minamo-chan (20)! - An orthodox beautiful girl who is active as a gravure idol! - Her hobby is watching idols, and her favorite type is AKB48! - I'm used to receiving and answering interviews and taking pictures with a camera, so the pose I asked for was perfect. Why did she apply for AV shooting? - No wonder, let's put it aside, M is a strong type who gets excited to be impatient. - "I want you to touch it, but I love the frustration that you don't touch it ♪" - In addition, it seems that she loves blowjob and is dying to serve, and I found that it is a very blameful M substrate w By the way, her erogenous zone is boobs. - The big boobs that are disproportionate to the slender figure really feel! - The most sensitive one is the nipple! - Gently rubbed, sucked, licked ... - It's so sensitive that you can feel it no matter how you blame it! - This slender, big-breasted, M-minded beautiful girl is her first AV shoot. - What kind of play will you attract ... I'm looking forward to it too much!