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"I was interested in watching an adult DVD, so I came here ♪", a girl like a kitten who told me in an interview! - Bright flax-colored hair and a petite and delicate body! - The girl who speaks is fluffy and full of cuteness from the whole! - The appearance of the honeycomb in front of the camera is so lovely ♪ I've never been so happy that Kawaiko-chan is interested in the world of AV! - By the way, she hasn't had a boyfriend for about a year. - Perhaps his feelings towards him were too heavy, he seems to be still dragging, and he hasn't had sex since then. - It seems that the desire that has accumulated in the pool is unconsciously reflected in her actions, such as panchira that can be seen in front of the camera and hard AV such as lewdness and rape. It seems that he himself wants to be embraced by a man w Today's partner is an experienced AV actor. - How does she, who is a beautiful girl but has little sex experience, dissipate the desires accumulated in her pool with her first AV shooting! - This is a premonition of a completely preserved version even before you see it!