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    Minami is 26 years old when she starts shooting for the first time in a room at a love hotel. - She is a little gal-like older sister who usually works as a coffee lady at a pachinko parlor. - She was, of course, the first to be photographed with a camera, and she was embarrassed to be touched by the man she had just met. - She slowly takes off her clothes ... a fair and slender body line and a beautiful hip line wrapped in sexy underwear. - Beautiful proportions as if the sculpture had transformed into a human being. - While quietly watching the masturbation that I usually do, I gradually hear a sigh. - It's so narrow that the actor will admire you if you put your finger in slowly. - Swirl the weak part of her Minami with two fingers. - She slips her pants over there when she's ready and inserts slowly. - She stares at her lovely eyes. - She makes a high-pitched pant voice and gets drunk with her unusual sex.