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Yuriko, who usually works for a full-fledged Japanese restaurant, is the subject of today's first shoot. - She has a beautiful face that doesn't look like she's 30 years old. - She has a desire to get married, but she doesn't seem to have a boyfriend. - The number of her experienced people is as small as two, and she said that she had a serious relationship with her boyfriend so far. - She is wearing underwear and a well-shaped butt for her slender body, which she would have been enthusiastic about when she took off her clothes. - If you are caressed slowly from behind, it will be over there ... When a man puts out a cock, you can not hide the surprise in a size that is unmatched by conventional people. - Then insert a thick stick from the side of his pants. - Obscene words that can't be imagined from her appearance come out in her mouth, and she culminates in a hurry. - "No more .. No more .." The sound of the piston that does not stop even if it passes away echoes in the closed room ..