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The subject for the first shoot today is Remi-chan, who has just turned 20. - She is a healthy girl who applied to pay for college tuition. - When she listened to her, she seemed to haven't had much naughty experience with her boyfriend so far, and she had almost no knowledge of her. - A man slowly begins to caress her as she educates her, who doesn't even know her erogenous zone. - Carefully lick her small, lightly pigmented breasts and gently rub the weak parts of her lower body. - She had a naive reaction, but her man's relentless blame caused her obscene thread to hang down from there. - .. - Perhaps the first cunnilingus in her life was a shock, she lifted her hips and felt her body twisting, and in her return service she worked awkwardly with her little mouth. - And finally, her experienced decachin is slowly inserted over the cramped place of her girl. - She is embraced by an uncle who is more than twice as old and has a distant eye. - Poke her little ass from behind her and feel her breathless. - It was her first intense experience in her life, and at the end she seemed to be stunned ..