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The subject of the first shoot today is Riko, 28, who works at a flower shop in Shibuya. - She currently has a boyfriend who has been dating for 7 years, but she has been sexless for a long time. - She has never had an affair. - Riko is nervous about her naughty atmosphere after a long absence. - She takes off her clothes in a bright place, remembering her resistance. - Perhaps she had a lot of sexual desire, she just talked and the pants had a stain that could be seen through. - She carefully caresses her body, which has not been touched by her boyfriend for a long time. - Sigh spilling. - Her erection nipples of her sensitive constitution are rolled and sucked on her tongue. - If you scratch it with two fingers already, you will hear an obscene sound and finally your emotions will come out. - "Ah .. Yan. Kimochii .." I can't look directly at the camera because of the sense of immorality .. - Riko tastes the cock for the first time in a long time to the back of her throat. - And she slowly inserts over there in Toro Toro. - She screams with a cute voice. - Every time she moves, a wet sound is heard, and when it gets fierce, she culminates. - "It feels good .." Obscene words that I couldn't imagine from her appearance ..