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    The interview begins in a room at a love hotel. - The name is Hatori. - She is 21 years old. - She has only one male experience. - He knows what kind of shooting it is. - The tension unique to his first shoot runs in a closed room. - He finishes listening to the story and carefully observes her body. - She has a very well-organized look. - She has a streamlined body without waste. - Her beauty potential is superlative. - When she sucks on her admiring breasts, a faint sigh echoes in a quiet closed room, and her honest body is squeezed by patience. - If you insert her cock into her anxiously lying, a sigh that gradually becomes rough while frowning at her face. - She panting with a voice that is not too loud. - When the cock that is put in and out of her vagina gets more and more intense ...