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    Miku-chan, a college student who works hard every day, faces the first shooting of tension. - She is a simple and pretty girl. - The 19-year-old, who is full of youth that she likes to have sex with her boyfriend, came secretly to everyone. - She played basketball when she was a student and she has a healthy body. - If you take off her clothes, you will have white soft skin. - Her beautiful and well-shaped beautiful breasts are revealed. - To such a beautiful girl .. A kiss that an uncle who is as old as his father tastes soggy. - Her armpits, ass holes. - She licks every corner. - And, a sensitive constitution that cums as soon as you put a meat stick over her on her bed. - Piston her teenage Momojiri violently from behind. - Raises her voice and disturbs her long, beautiful black hair. - Miku-chan's foolery that raises her unspeakable voice and cums violently is in the main story. - * If you are acquainted with a school, please keep it confidential.