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    Today, Nazuna-chan, a beautiful girl with a cute gentle smile, came to visit us. - The tension of her first shoot made her shoulders squeaky. - She looks like she's in a certain idol group, and her breasts are so bulging that you can see from the top of her clothes. - When she listens to the story, she has a little nerdy temperament, and she is a stuffy girl who gets horny by her delusion. - She is innocently embarrassed to be taken by the camera. - An ugly man plays with her, who is sensitive enough to have vertical streaks in her pants just by touching her. - If she is caressed carefully, her love juice will pull her thread. - She exposes her embarrassed face every time a man throws obscene words. - She becomes obedient with a stern look if a girl who knows nothing too much is trained. - She makes a crying voice, Nazuna-chan. - She felt so much that she couldn't even hear her speaking ...