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    Nene, a 20-year-old apparel clerk. - She is a white gal who seems to be often in Shibuya. - She recently said she broke up with her flirtatious boyfriend and she applied with a light touch. - Her experience is reasonable, and she is a lonely girl who hates to be alone. - She's embarrassed to look at the lens when she's taken a close look at her first shoot ... If you play with her shameful erogenous zone, her obedient lower body will wet her underwear. - She said, "Yeah .. Hey. No. Yeah .." Wrinkled between her eyebrows, panting, making a high-pitched cute voice and climaxing. - Her body cramps and her joy juice drips down to her ass. - .. - When she sucks a man's cock while dropping her saliva on the dripping floor, she screams that she can't wait. - She is pinstoned to the back of her with a nice rhythm, and she cums mercilessly while being excited. - Her beautiful face is stained white ..