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    A fair-skinned girl who has just grown up. - It seems that she has had various delusions about her first shoot. - Her romance is not good at going from herself, and her profane personality delays her first experience. - However, from the old days, her interest in sex was more than anyone else, and it seems that she was delusional every day by superimposing her emotions on the hero of the sensual novel. - A middle-aged viscous father blames such a moody girl. - Her nape and her arms crawl on her hands, and her nipples quickly erect as she begins to sigh and gently caresses her hot breasts. - And a man tells me "I'm in full view over there" and I'm embarrassed to turn away from her face ... I'm embarrassed to turn away from the sofa that got dirty with her own tide. The consciousness of the delusional girl is about to fall ...