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Today, the subject for the first shoot is Hotaru-chan, 20 years old. - She is a petite girl who usually goes to college and works part-time in apparel. - She is a pure child who has only two boyfriends in her life, but she is a curious girl who has seen AV for women and applied without caution. - Under her pure white underwear is a small breast. - She is touched by the man she met for the first time and leaks her sigh while being sick. - When her erogenous zone is tossed with her tongue, her naive girl's face gradually changes .. It is lovely to follow the actor's instructions and serve awkwardly. - Hotaru-chan's voice grows louder as she stimulates her big cock for the first time in her life. - Her vaginal cum for the first time in her life to her accumulating pleasure. - I feel her little body quivering. - Hotaru-chan, who can't stand her, "Kimochi is good. No, I'm going to say it .." The sloppy foolery of a girl who has come to say obscene words is the main story.