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    Kaze-chan is asked to write all the materials and is interviewed while being nervous about the first shoot. - She is a small animal girl with a cute dimple and a small body with a height of 150 cm. - She hides her flickering pants with her hands and answers naughty questions with a smirk. - Since she broke up with her boyfriend half a year ago, she seems to have been absent and has been throbbing. - She was moved to the shooting room and she kissed lightly. - Her shivering lips. - But her honest nipples are already in full erection. - She was told by a man that she was getting used to it, and she gradually melted her shame, gradually hearing her cute voice and touching her erogenous zone. The patience liquid that drips on the sheets even though it is not there. - Extremely sensitive, she is put in a rotor on all fours and makes her legs tingle. - Her pleasure dominated the sexual circuit of her brain, forgetting her self and ascending as soon as she played with an electric machine. - Climax heaven that repeats like a switch. - An obscene sound from the joint. - The foolery of Kaze-chan, who resembles a gal model who screams with a cute voice, is in the main story.