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    Chinatsu, 20 years old, raised by her strong parents. - She usually helps her mom cook at her house because her part-time job is a bad family. - Such a serious girl came to the back part-time job of her first shooting. - The last time I had sex was when I was a high school student two years ago. - The stress relief method for her at that time is to masturbate secretly with the electric massage machine she got from her boyfriend. - She was shy to show her nakedness, but under her clothes was a G-cup plump breast. - Her nipples are also lightly pigmented and have a beautiful color. - She had been honey for a long time, and when she was caressed by her man, she closed her eyes and let out her sigh. - Chinatsu-chan with her switch turned on is Pavlov's dog state that makes her body flutter just by hearing the sound of the electric massage machine. - If you scratch the beautiful pussy that you can see through the mosaic with your finger, the tide will blow so much that it will be scattered on the floor. - If you insert your own protruding butt from behind ...