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Today, Yukiho-chan, a third-year college student, is trying to shoot for the first time. - She is a serious girl who helps her mother in the cooking class on holidays. - She looks neat and shy with a little frightening way of speaking. - She applied for her to change herself. - As soon as the interview was over, I couldn't take off her clothes, but I couldn't take it off .. I was nervous with the uncles around her. - Her fresh and beautiful white skin and a slightly flesh-like body create a sensual harmony. - When the actor begins to caress her cute voice .. When the electric massager hits the erogenous zone, her facial expression changes and the pants also stain. - Yukiho-chan is sane as she works hard while being ashamed of 69 and fucking for the first time in her life. - As she was ashamed to say, ".. Please put in." She is obedient and climaxes on a piston that pokes violently from behind her ..