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It looks like a gal and it seems like playing a little. - However, she can be seen from her gestures and way of speaking as a calm and elegant woman. - Ruru is 23 years old. - She is an office lady who usually works for a major company. - Her hobbies are "traveling abroad" and "hot yoga". A glimpse of celebrity life. - In her interviews, she often talks about her ex-boyfriend, and although she doesn't say it, she has a feeling of unskilledness. - Finally the first shooting of a naughty production. - The brown nice ass and light purple panties on the way back from Bali give off a sensual appeal. - Feather touching with her fingers moves her body, and her pants have a nasty stain. - She has perfect sensitivity. - Her sensitive vagina, which passes away even with the hypoallergenicity of her rotor, is so pressured that her toys cannot be easily pulled out. - She feels like she's twisting when she gets a cock, and her figure straddling her cowgirl is reminiscent of Jeanne d'Arc. - Her obscene over there holds the fruit of a man and keeps it ..