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    The subject of the first shoot today is Rio-chan, 21 years old. - He came after the university lecture today. - She is an adult-looking girl with a relaxed feeling, and her transparent eyes are characteristic. - She's just as pure as she looks, she's only had sex with her boyfriend until now. - Wrapped in her cute underwear was her soft marshmallow boobs. - She can't stand a man and she rubs and indulges. - Rio-chan, her pants have a vast stain on her H atmosphere after a long absence. - She comes out of M temperament that she likes to be violent. - She crawls on all fours and climaxes when she is hit by her electric massage machine, and the obedient girlfriend is electric massager with her cock sucked and she cums again. - The G cup that wraps so much that the cock is hidden when you serve with the treasure milk is powerful. - When her unbearable bloated cock enters her body, she says "Ah .. Kimochii. It's a shame .." and makes her body nervous. - Rio-chan screams her voice with a mischievous piston that swings her huge milk in a circle every time she is struck and does not stop even if she dies.